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Downtown Las Vegas has changed significantly for the past few years. As part of the rejuvenation process spearheaded by the Downtown Project, this central part of the city has been going through a steady transformation. Many new businesses and activities have sprung up around the area, attracting locals and tourists alike. With more people and traffic, finding parking around the area has become an issue for many visitors.

There are three major parking lots in Downtown Las Vegas located around Container Park. Container Park parking lot is located just across the street from Container Park. Downtowner Lot is located on Fremont Street and North 8th Street. Llama Lot, the largest parking lot in the downtown area, is located two blocks west of Downtowner Lot on Fremont Street and North 9th Street. All three parking lots charge variable parking fees depending on time and day of the week. Limited metered street parking is also available on some streets.

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