Trikke Las Vegas Tour Guide to First Friday Art Galleries

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Trikke Las Vegas Tour Guide to First Friday Art Galleries

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Trikke Las Vegas’ only night tour is here again for June’s First Friday in Downtown Las Vegas. You will have one and a half hours to explore the First Friday footprint, and there is plenty to see. Here is your guide to the Arts District’s notable galleries that are worth checking out during your Trikke Las Vegas tour break.

Photo Bang Bang, located on 224 E. Imperial Ave., is a photo gallery and studio. There are also three unique sets inside, like the Parlor with brick walls, wood paneling, an old grandfather clock and vintage television. Get your picture taken on their antique analog camera for free. If you like the way you look, you can purchase a copy for $10.

The Arts Factory is filled with a myriad of studios like the Sin City Gallery and Perception photo gallery as well as visiting artists’ works, too. You could spend the whole hour and a half in the Arts Factory alone. Don’t forget to use your $10 voucher at the Bar + Bistro downstairs.

The Brett Wesley Gallery is located around the corner from Arts Factory at Art Square. This month you will find Eric Burwell’s “Progressive Failure” hanging on the gallery walls. Burwell explores art’s inadequacies in his own art and in 21st-century artwork as a whole.

Blackbird Studios, located on 1551 S. Commerce St., will be showing local artist Lynne Adamson Adrian’s “String Theory,” which challenges traditional crochet.

Tickets for this month’s Trikke Las Vegas tour are $25 in advance and $35 the day of. Compared to all Las Vegas tours, Trikke offers one of the only Downtown Las Vegas First Friday experiences. Visit our Trikke Las Vegas First Friday tour page for more information.

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