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Battery Level Indicators

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One of the questions that a lot of people ask us here at Trikke Las Vegas is what do the battery level indicators really indicate and how accurate are they.

The battery indicators on the actual battery will normally be more accurate for two reasons:

  1. There are more lights – to be more accurate. (Battery has 4 / throttle has 3)
  2. The info is coming directly from the battery module vs going through the controller.

Also, if the battery has a chance to rest for a bit (i.e. get a second wind) , the indicators will often appear higher -which is a false read.

So, if at any point you want to really, really, really check, then hit the batt indicator (while standing on the vehicle -ready for take off) and then hit the throttle. The level will drop – showing the amount of drain when “load” is placed on the batt. -Somewhere in the middle -between the low and high- is the most accurate.

You may be ready for a new battery pretty soon – which will allow you to use your old batt as the spare.
(I always tell clients that when it comes to any electric vehicle…. the battery is the most expensive part, and you should consider it like buying a year’s worth of gas for your car upfront. Eventually it will run out. But it also kinda changes how we understand the “real” price of our cars now, doesn’t it?

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