Getting Downtown in Vegas is getting a whole lot easier with Uber!

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Getting Downtown in Vegas is getting a whole lot easier with Uber!

It’s official Uber is operational in Las Vegas!  It’s been a long and rocky road with disputes between the the cab drivers, the cab unions, and Uber.  What is Uber you ask?  Uber is the new way for riders to find easy and affordable independent drivers through the use of a phone app.

Uber has been around since 2009 and has become a new way for visitors and locals to get around urban and suburban areas quickly and efficiently.  Getting around Las Vegas can be a hassle for tourist.  Over price cab rides that are limited in where they will go.  Most cab drivers earn more money focusing on the strip or the airport so if you’d like to check out the newly revitalized Downtown and experience the buzz first hand you’d have a very difficult and expensive time getting there without a car.  Another hassle when visiting downtown is the parking.  If you’re a Vegas local you’re spoiled with abundant free parking all over the valley and especially on the strip.  Now that the Downtown area has become increasingly more popular,  parking rate have increased and free parking has decreased.  Uber changes the game.  You no longer have to deal with the frustration of parking downtown.  Nor do you have to worry about how many drinks you’ve had.  Uber drivers are everywhere and they will easily take you to and from downtown at a reasonable price.

Since Trikke Las Vegas has partnered with Uber you can now take your first ride for FREE.  Just sign up through the app, book your first ride and use the code TRIKKE.  And for a limited time we’re offering Uber users 20% off any of our Trikke Tours, just use the code UBER when booking

If your looking to visit Downtown Las Vegas with your own vehicle we have a where to park map to help take the parking frustration out of your Downtown experience.  Remember downtown has expanded beyond Fremot Street Experience.  Next time you’re looking for something fun and unique to do come explore Fremont East.  We highly recommend The Container Park for family friendly options as well as a night out with the adults, after 9pm Container Park becomes 21 and over.  Where else will you find a fire breathing praying mantis?



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