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Fremont East District Trikke Tour

The Historic Fremont East District

 Fremont East – The New Downtown
(1 hour)

We’ll zip around in both the bike lane and on sidewalks, exploring the ease and freedom of utilizing Elekktric personal transportation to get around in an urban environment.Downtown Las Vegas is the hidden gem of Las Vegas and we’ll show you why. This tour focuses on “What’s Happening” Downtown not “What Happened”.

In 2011, the Downtown Project was founded with a mission to revitalize Downtown Las Vegas and turn it into an urban environment where folks can live, work and play. Zappos, the online retail giant, moved their headquarters from Henderson to our old city hall building in 2013, which sparked one of the hippest revitalizations and has made Downtown Las Vegas a true hidden gem….READ MORE.

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Life Is Beautiful Art Mural – 2015 Festival

Discover Life is Beautiful Art
(1 hour)

This Trikke experience focuses on the Life is Beauiful Art murals that are a gift to the community every year. Throughout Downtown Las Vegas some very visible and other tucked away, we have beautiful art murals which now grace the Downtown area courtesy of the Life Is Beautiful Festival.  If you are a fan of urban art, then this customized Trikke tour is one that you will not want to miss. The Life is Beautiful Tour exposes you to the revitalization aspect of Downtown Las Vegas with a focus on the art, specifically the murals created by world renowned artists. This tour is definitely top of the list of things to do while in Vegas…READ MORE.
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Symphony Park at The Smith Center

Discover Downtown The Full Loop Tour (1 – 1/2 hour)

Our 1 1/2 hour Full Loop tour, we like to refer to it as our “Personal Transportation Experience!”, getting you up close and personal with some of Downtown’s coolest spots.  Our Discover Downtown is a full downtown experience.  You’ll see the Life Is Beautiful Murals, The revitalization of the Fremont East District and the architectural high points of the Symphony Park area.  You’ll be amazed at how this part of Las Vegas is transforming, it truly is Las Vegas hidden gem. ..READ MORE.

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Sunset Cruise - Discover Downtown

Sunset Cruise – Discover Downtown

Discover Downtown Sunset Cruise
(1 – 1/2 hour)

This is our most popular tour at the most magical time of day!  Come take our Sunset Cruise and experience all that Downtown has to offer.  We’ve timed this tour perfectly so you’ll get to experience the transformation of the area as it morphis from day to night.  The buildings will literally tansform before your eyes, It’s awe inspiring ..READ MORE.

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The Arts District Tour – A unique and vibrate area of Downtown

The Art District Tour – Discover the Vegas Art Scene – (2 hours)

Leaving the Fremont East District we’ll hit the bike lane and open it up a bit as we literally head to the other side of Downtown.  We’re heading over to a very unique part of downtown.  This area is filled with vibrant,  talented artist, galleries & dining .  In fact, this is where…READ MORE.

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