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As we say…. Smiles are guaranteed!  The testimonials below are from locals and visitors who have been out on one of our Downtown Electric Trikke Tours and enjoyed themselves so much they took the time to tell us about it.

“The experience was one of the most exhilarating and unique that we’ve ever had in LV. I loved the tour of downtown. All of the murals are incredible. I hope that downtown becomes the Mecca of culture and art that you envision it to be. My wife and I will most certainly tell everyone about our wonderful tour and encourage them to take a Trikke tour the next time they visit LV. We will be back for another tour; maybe next summer! We would love to see how the area evolves over time. Thanks and best wishes to everyone at Trikke LV. We had a bangin’ time!” – Ian – Baltimore, MD

“It was a very fun thing to do. Your staff is very knowledgeable about the product and concerned about our safety out on the street. After the instructions and road testing in the alley, I felt ready to hit the street! Will probably return with another friend.” – Don – Las Vegas, NV

“The training was very clear. we experienced Las Vegas in a way we wouldn’t of been able to otherwise.” – Dorothy – UK

“I had a great time on the arts tour. I thought that the tour was perfect for my group. The employees of my company work from different places so we all get together as a company only a couple of times each year. The Trikke tour was great because it was a unique physical activity we could do as a group AND the exploration of downtown art made it feel like we were really enjoying Las Vegas and not just doing something we could have done in any other city. Also, my team has a lot of people interested in art, so it was a great pick. Fred was a great tour guide and patient teacher. I felt the tour also went around far enough distance-wise to really feel like we got to play with the Trikkes. All in all, no complaints from me. I’m proud to recommend the tour to visiting friends!” – Jennifer – Las Vegas, NV

“I was very impressed with the downtown experience. If course Fred’s enthusiasm is so infectious and adds so much to the experience. Thanks again.” – Beverley – Kalamazoo, MI

“Awesome experience filled with great information about downtown that I wasn’t aware of! Loved the Trikke, what a great way to see downtown!” – Carrie – Henderson, NV

“Fantastic experience. Fred and Steve were awesome.” – Darin – Canada

“I recently ventured to Las Vegas for the first time and my experience in this wild city made it that much more memorable with my Trikke Tour experience! The Trikke tour was an amazing, inventive, and exciting way to explore Downtown Las Vegas. It was a real treat for a couple of New England gals to drive around on these Trikkes. Our friends back home will be scratching their heads wondering what we embarked ourselves on. Though it took me a few minutes to build my confidence, our instructor Fred Welch, was not only helpful but calm and encouraging! I was nervous inside but he made me feel at ease and that I could do this! It was such a thrill to be touring a historic area on a battery powered machine, feeling the wind on our faces, the sun warming our skin all on our own private tour. We saw and learned so much that we would not have been able to gain if we did not try these Trikkes. Anyone who is exploring Downtown should venture down to the Container Park and find the Trikke store! You will never regret this adventure!! Thank you Ann and Fred Welch for such an amazing experience!!!” – Erika – Pike, NH

“A pretty epic experience. I actually enjoyed it better than riding a bike! I can definitely see the value of having one and it makes getting around Downtown really easy. Great transportation device.” – Paco – Las Vegas, NV

“Was Great! loved the bike and info on tour, guide was pleasant, my guests had wonderful time, will come back w/ more people.” – Rhonda – Henderson, NV

“We had an AWESOME time. I wasn’t expecting it to be so much fun. I’ve told friends, family and my students about it. Everyone thought it sounded really cool-because it was!” – Patti – Stevens Point, WI

“This was the best thing we did in the 8 days we spent in vegas if we would not have ran into fred with the trike on freemont street we may not have ever known about tem from the moment we started our training to ride befor the tour we were hooked and the tour was fantastic we saw parts of the old down town and the new down town and the fantastic murals we went to the life cube that was so cool the bike lanes were great cant wait to come back and take another tour we have talked to lots of people since our return and they will all be looking into coming to the container  park and taking the tour” – Debbie – Canada

“Extremely great! People were very knowledgable and helpful! Was blown away by the consideration and customer service! Best out of everything we did in Vegas!!” – Terry – Houston, TX

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