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 Get around Las Vegas with the ease of personal transportation

If you’re looking for something Fun to do in Vegas, we have you covered!  Experience the thrill of personal transportation with your family and friends! Electric Trikkes are street and sidewalk legal in the city of Las Vegas.  Because they fold you can easily store them in your hotel room.  Avoid the headache of parking, just step up and go!

Our knowledgeable staff will train you on everything you need to know to ensure your safety and optimal enjoyment.

Rental Requirements:

  • Must be 21+ years of age.
  • Possess a Valid Driver’s License
  • Signed Rental Agreement/Waiver
  • Credit Card Authorization/Hold $250

Electric Trikke Rental Rates:

  • $45/hr ($25 per additional hour)
  • $99 for a 24-hour rental ($50 for each additional day)
  • $345 for a 7-day rental
  • Add up to 2 hours of electric Trikke rental to ANY tour at only $19/hr
  • Additional charge may be required for more powerful vehicle depended on weight (200lb+)

We offer Burning Man Trikke Rentals* $500 for 7 days
*($50 cleaning fee, $400 credit card hold) $100 delivery and pick up to the playa or pick up in Las Vegas.  Limited supply 

Body Powered Trikke Rental Rates:

  • $45 for a 24-hour rental ($30 for each additional day)
  • $150 for a 7-day rental

Call us today at 702-421-2288 to book!

We offer group and festival rentals too!  Perfect for Life Is Beautiful Festival September 23rd – 25th

Pick up anytime after 9am / back by end of day – 6:30pm – based on availability
For Special Rates Call (702) 421-2288 or Book now!