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Fred Welch

Fred Welch purchased his first body powered Trikke in 2007 and from that day on he was inspired by what he likes to refer to its eloquent low tech functionality and design. In 2008 he created what is known today as the Trikke Academy, the education establishment for all things Trikke. Trikke Enthusiast and Dealers come from all over the country to become certified by the Trikke Academy. In 2013 he and his Wife and business Partner Ann Pirone had the opportunity to open a Trikke Dealership in Downtown Las Vegas at the new and innovative Downtown Container Park. Bringing Personal Sustainable Transportation to an urban environment and creating a replicate-able model where one can run a full Tours, Rentals, Sales and Service operation out of a 12×20 space was the draw to opening Trikke Las Vegas.

Ann Pirone

Ann Pirone wife and business partner of Fred Welch began her Trikke endeavors in 2008 when the company she was working for sold. This afforded her the opportunity to explore a new path. Encouraged by her husband to take her time and find something she enjoyed, she quickly realized that she offered the expertise to fully support her husband and allow them to build their own business together. After a little bit of Trikke riding training she began to fall in love with the smooth, rhythmic motion of the Trikke that left her feeling like she just completed a full yoga session. Both passionate about this new found fitness machine they built Trikke Academy together. When the electrics hit the market this paved the way for Ann to incorporate her other passion…. the environment and products that support is enrichment. Trikke has filled her desires to peruse both sustainability and the art of zen.

Steve Garcia

As a youth I always work with my hands whether it was helping my dad at the auto body shop or tinkering around with bicycles or skateboards. So naturally I found I love with taking things apart and returning it in a better condition. So obviously when trikke came into the mix as an adult, I found the best of both worlds. I was able to work on something that was a bit out of this world and loving the thrill of the ride.

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